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05 | July | 2021

Thank you so much for all the love!

I am blown away from all the loving messages of support that I have received over the last month! I feel so energized and appreciated and I’ll be forever grateful for that ❤️ I have 21 years of wonderful memories that I will cherish.


In June, my days were filled with spending time with my Mother, packing and moving out of 159 St Lawrence St., unpacking at our new home that's closer to my mum, training our gorgeous puppy to sleep in a little and finding a little time to rejuvenate my brain! 🥴


 I have had a few options presented to me for a space to work in Merrickville one day per week,  I will keep you posted on that! For those of you with a Gift Certificate, you may choose to wait for me to get up and running or you can use your GC to purchase product! Please DM me here and we can discuss your needs. Not only great skin care, also clean bath/body products, make-up, hair products, baby care, and nutrition products to promote a healthy gut.


I look forward to hearing from you! Lots of love to all of you, I miss you and hope to see many of you soon. Thanks again for the warm messages, they felt like a big hug!


03 | June | 2021

This is a hard thing..            

Today marks 36 days since I turned 60! Thirty-six days in and I can’t believe how fast that time went.


And I can’t believe how fast the last twenty-one-and-a-half years went where I’ve been in the wonderful world of all things SPA, and have been blessed to have the opportunity to spend my days with amazing humans.

Fun couples enjoying time together, bridal parties enjoying laughs, girl getaways sharing memories, reconnecting friendships, celebrating birthdays (an excuse to celebrate ANYthing really), one-on-one clients that are or became forever-friends while we shared so many laughs and a few tears.


I have loved every.single.second.​


Deep heartfelt thanks to every single one of you, and a special mention to those of you that gave us such a huge amount of support during this last challenging “year+ of the Pandemic”. It truly meant so much to Jen, Megan, Vanessa and myself.


I am proud to say that over these 21+ years I had the pleasure of working with only 11 fabulous women. Five of which stayed with me from 5-10 years! I have a special place in my heart for Daniela, Stacey, Patti, Jen, and Johanne. And for Megan for being there for me (not once but twice!) during the pandemic, for being so positive and easy going with all three lockdowns and just plain fun to work with. All of these gals are very special to me. Not many businesses, especially in the Spa world, can claim such an infrequent turnover. That in itself gives me so much gratitude and pride.

These wonderful women I had the honour to work with, sharing hysterical moments of uncontrollable laughing fits, deep conversation solving the world’s problems and spouse/partner/kids/friends/family issues and just enjoying each other’s company. Those are memories for life.


The village of Merrickville is like no other. I have thoroughly enjoyed working here with fellow businesses and a community that is so supportive. I have lived in this area since 1976, and I have to be honest – I can’t wait to be a tourist!


What a fun and extremely fulfilling two decades it has been.

And now I find myself sixty years old and 36 assured I am most definitely 60 going on 35 as I refuse to really grow up, and I am grateful to be healthy, in love with an A-mazing man, the mother of two remarkable sons that I am SO proud of, a new mommy to an adorable puppy named Deacon, and blessed with the world’s MOST wonderful family!


So what’s next? 


The building we are in is for sale, the pandemic is hopefully winding down...


I want to embrace my life in our new home with my family. I want to spend more time with my 94 year old mother who is, like many seniors, trying to cope with anxiety and change.


I want to start hosting wellness retreats in beautiful spaces to provide a place where small groups can relax, share, experience, learn and feel joy. I am looking for the perfect space where I can continue to provide select Spa treatments two days per week and I may even go mobile!


I will continue to promote healthy living inside and out with quality plant-based, gluten-free Skin Care and Self Care products on my website, and will only be an email, text, private message away if you need guidance and answers to your questions. Please check my direct links at !


So even though our days at 159 St Lawrence Street in Merrickville are coming to an end, I see the future as being brighter. I feel like the world is our oyster, I’m ready to discover my next journey and I want to share it with you.

Please stay with me as I embark on this exciting ride. Spa Sans Souci will live on!


I promise to keep you posted! Stay tuned on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

Much love to you all, I hope to see you soon!



Please reach out to us by email with your questions when you are in need to replenish your Eminence and/or Arbonne skin care and nutrition items.


These links are also available below. 


Love to all and know that we are thinking about you! ❤️

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