Roz's Arbonne Story

If anyone would've told me all those months ago that I would be an Arbonne consultant someday my answer would have been a hard NO! Why? Because I have been an Esthetician for over 20 years and I truly did not believe that this company would ever be up to my high standards for skin care. Well guess what? I was wrong. And it works so well with Eminence too!

I started using Arbonne because of the 30 Day & Beyond Nutrition Program. One of my clients had told me about it during her manicure, after I had been complaining about my lack of energy and my bulging waistline.  The words “Enzymes, ProBiotics & PreBiotics” were what caught my attention as my Naturopath Doctor had me buying three bottles of those pills so I was familiar with what they were and why I needed them. After hearing all three came in powder form in one little pouch, I started to listen!

Fast forward I started the 30 Day and Beyond Nutrition Program and haven’t looked back. Energy UP, bloating GONE, not to mention my bulging waistline. The program is all about promoting a Healthy Gut, reducing inflammation and toxins in our body by eating well and eating clean. 

THEN I tried  the Make-Up (top quality) and Skin Care (completely blown away by the results) and here I am today - Loving the entire line of products for the entire household. Men's Line, Sports Line, Bath & Body, Hair and Baby products too! 

Take a look at the WEBSITE and PLEASE call or message me – I can help you become your personal best with clean, plant-based, no dyes or sugar, Vegan, GF and non GMO Certified - products I promise you will love too! Let me know if you have any questions – I am here to help!

Much love, Roz