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Rosalind Kinnear for Spa Sans Souci Merrickville

 Canadian Proud

"Rosalind and her team care so much about their clients. The spa is very welcoming and offers so many wonderful spa services. Thank you Spa Sans Souci!"

- Brenda Howes

Full "Sole Relaxer" Pedicure

This ultimate in pedicures begins with a refreshing foot soak followed by a thorough removal of calluses and dead, dry skin, using our Fabulous electric foot file. Your feet will never be softer! A sugar scrub revives tired, aching feet. Cuticle work, nail trimming and filing are expertly done. A luxuriously satisfying foot and leg massage using deep penetrating foot creams tops off this treatment. Choose the polish colour that suits your mood!

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Foot Rejuvenation Mini Pedicure

Your feet have no calluses and don’t need a full pedicure? This tidy-up treatment includes a quick soak, cuticle work, nail trim, moisturiser and polish. 

If you have hard or cracked heels we highly recommend our Full Pedicure - your feet not only need it, they deserve it!

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Full "Healing Hands" Manicure

Treat your hard-working hands to this moisture-drenching hand treatment. Nails are shaped, cuticles softened, dead skin trimmed and hands are exfoliated with a scented sugar scrub. Enjoy a luxurious arm and hand massage with a rich moisturiser. Then to top it off, choose the polish that suits your personality and your outfit! You won't recognise your hard working hands!

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Mommy & Me
Shellac Manicure

Shellac is a cross between nail polish and gel. Shellac is applied like regular nail polish and then cured using a UV lamp. 

Shellac lasts much longer than your regular manicure: up to 14 days without chipping or peeling and, for many, even longer! Dry time is instant, ensuring your polish doesn’t smudge. Perfect for trips, weddings and day-to-day hard working gals! 

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Mini Mani

A Mini Mani is a "mini" version of the Healing Hands manicure. A Mini Mani includes filing, moisturising hand cream, and polish application in the colour of your choosing! If your cuticles need attention, we recommend having a full manicure so that it looks better and lasts longer.

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Mommy & Me

Looking for take your tween on a Mommy and Me date? This treatment includes filing, shaping, and polishing for your daughter (or granddaughter) in the colour of her choice, while Mom (or Grandma) gets the full treatment! Perfect for that special girl bonding time! 

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