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Rosalind Kinnear for Spa Sans Souci Merrickville

 Canadian Proud

"No one gives a facial like Rosalind at Spa Sans Souci. And she is the only person I let near my eyebrows because she does them so perfectly. I love their Eminence skin products too."        - Kelly Mulrooney

Body Scrub

This amazing treatment smooths and refines skin with botanical exfoliates derived from nature. These natural ingredients will remove dehydrated skin cells to unclog pores and recover your skin’s radiance. This treatment includes a 45-minute full body massage that will leave your skin and tired muscles feeling vibrant and refreshed.

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Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment

Our body wraps are a clarifying, stimulating, and detoxifying treatment that benefits all skin types by imparting a powerful natural detoxification process by opening pores, eliminating toxins, and increasing circulation. Your body is exfoliated first, and the wrap treatment is followed by a 45-minute deep moisturising relaxation massage.

This world-famous treatment benefits all skin types. It includes cinnamon to fight off bacteria, ivy for vitamin C, sage to tone and heal, and paprika to stimulate and refresh skin.

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Israeli Dead Sea Mud Wrap

Israeli Dead Sea Mud Wrap is a mud wrap you will never forget! It stimulates circulation which helps bring vital nutrients and oxygen to your cells and carry away toxins and wastes — all essential to healthy and normal cell functioning. Dead sea mud is high in skin-nourishing minerals, such as sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium. Among all the things this bath can do, it helps help relieve symptoms and/or prevent such skin disorders as acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. It can also help with the appearance of wrinkles and unwanted cellulite!

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Back Acne Treatment

A facial for your back! We use all the same products on your back that we would for your face! Who could resist that?

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Clean & Detoxify

Perfect for acne prone skin, this facial reduces inflammation and redness while simultaneously clearing and preventing acne and blemishes.


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Brighten & Exfoliate

This stimulating facial uses the natural AHA found in fresh pulp of apples, grapes and naseberries. These natural fruit acids remove dry, dead skin and clear clogged pores. Paprika and other herbs dramatically increase blood flow to the skin, detoxifying and stimulating cellular renewal. This treatment will keep your skin smooth and healthy, preventing future breakouts.

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Calm & Soothe

Fresh rosehip has been used for centuries for its amazing soothing and calming benefits. Its naturally rich content of Vitamin C restores the skin's balance, reduces inflammation and redness and provides high anti-oxidant protection. Extracts of menthol and rosehip deliver a cooling sensation that revitalizes and calms. 

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Firm & Elastify

This facial is the ultimate hydrating collagen boost. Fine lines are reduced, skin is tightened and pores are minimized. 

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Extra Treatments

      Add any of these therapies to your package to boost your treatment results!

(If you would like to add one of these to your treatment, please let us know upon booking)          


              Eye Treatment

Targets dark circles, fine lines, crows feet, and puffiness. 

             Blueberry Detox Firming Peel

Revitalizes fatigued skin, leaving your skin toned, detoxified, and glowing!


             Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil

Increases elastin and collagen production for firmer skin and reduces redness caused by inflammation. 

            Ultra Lift Neck Treatment & Line Filler

Instant firming and lifting for the neck and décolletage, and immediate smoothing of facial lines around mouth and forehead.


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